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 Figure-of-8 Leads 

The Figure-of-8 Lead is a head collar and lead all in 1.  It can also be used simply as a slip lead if prefered.

The lead has 2 loops that cross over in the centre to form a figure-of-8.

It has been made with comfort in mind, we do not use metal rings where the webbing crosses under your dogs neck!

Now with an attached safety strap to clip to the collar.... in case your dog's clever enough to slip the lead off!!!!

The Figure-of-8 Lead is now also available trimmed in most of our Ribbon trimmed Collar  designs making your lead totally unique!

How to fit

Very easy to fit, simply open the collar out so you have 2 loops.

Slip the larger loop nearest the metal clip over your dogs head so the cross over part is under the neck, then slip the smaller loop over his nose and adjust to fit snuggly, the stopper can then be moved down to prevent the lead from loosening.

Choose our personalised Figure-of-8 leads and have your dogs name embroidered onto it, or even a special needs message maybe..

eg: 'I am nervous' or 'Please don't touch'  or 'I am friendly' etc.

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