Care Instructions

Care Instructions for your Collar & Lead

It is your sole responsibility to ensure the suitability of our collars for your pets. We recommend you check your collar daily for signs of wear and fit. Normal wear and tear will occur depending on the level of activity by your pet. If your dog likes to swim, it's advisable to rinse the collar under the tap after. All collars & leads are machine washable at 30 degrees. Always place your collar inside a tied sock to prevent it from rattling around and damaging your machine. Our fabric collars have been scotchgard treated are best hand washed but can also be machine washed in the same way. It is advisable not to to let your collar get too dirty before washing.

Please note: The effect of the initial Scotchgard treatment will lessen with each wash.

Care Instructions for your Bed

Treat your dogs bed as you would your own pillows and duvet on your bed, and give the inner pillow a shake daily to keep it bouncy and well aired for your dog. Remove the covers and wash before they get too dirty as this will also help to keep them looking fresh for longer.

If your bed has an waterproof inner cover, you should remove it from time to time to allow the inner cushion to be aired as it may become slightly damp due to moisture build up from your dogs natural body heat. You will notice we do not zip the waterproof covers but leave one side open, as this helps to keep the air circulating.

The outer covers of all our beds are zipped for easy removal and can be machine washed at 30 degrees. The inner cushions are also washable if needed at 30 degrees. PLease note inner cushions on the larger beds will not fit into a normal domestic washing machine so it is advisable to use the the waterproof cover provided to protect the cushion from little pet accidents!.

Measuring your Dog

Please be sure to measure your dog correctly before ordering.

Use a soft tape to measure your dogs neck where his collar would normally sit. 

Allow for a comfortable fit without being too tight. (B) in the diagram.

If you're ordering a Martingale you will also need to measure the widest part of his head (A) in the diagram.