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Car Headrest Seat Belt


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The Maddy Paws car Headrest Seat Belt is fully adjustable and will fit any car headrest and any size dog. 

It is made with a unique swivel fitting so it will NOT tangle or twist no matter how many times your dog turns or fidgets!

Available in a choice of 16 colours.

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Custom ID or plain Collars & Leads

Our personalised ID Collars and Leads are the ideal way to display your own/pets name, making it clearly visible in the unlikely event that he or she should decide to go walkabout!!

Your contact details are embroidered directly onto the webbing and will last the lifetime of the collar.

Also available plain.

ID Collars

Ribbon Trimmed Collars

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  • Pink & Lilac love hearts
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Fabric Collars

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Figure of 8 Leads

Figure of 8 Leads (Plain)

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Maddy Paws Head Collar

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Figure of 8 Leads (Trimmed)

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Multi-functinal Training Leads

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Double sided Fleece Blankets



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