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Martingales & Half Check Collars

A Martingale collar is made with 2 loops. The larger one fits around your dogs neck and is adjustable. The small loop has a D ring to attach a lead.

The Half-Check collar works in the same way as the Martingale, providing more control when pulling than our standard collars.  They are also suitable for for dogs who can easily slip out of a collar.

When your dog pulls, the small loop will pull the large loop in tighter preventing him from slipping the collar. When relaxed the collar sits loosely and comfortably around his neck.

It is important to adjust the collar to fit your dogs neck correctly. When the small loop is pulled tight, the 2 rings on the large loop should not quite meet.

Unlike a choke chain or slip lead, a Martingale is much kinder and gentle on your dogs neck.

Our Martingale and Half-Check collars are all handmade and both available in the same designs as our Standard Collars.

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